10 Sights Of Nature You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

The huge territory makes Russia one big reserve area. Besides all the well-known attractions there are dozens of such places that have been discovered by only a small group. Underwater caves and salt lakes, waterfalls and beautiful desert territories. Today we’re going to tell you a bit more about that Russia. Our list contains only the best sights, some of them never interrupted by humans.

The Windy Poles, Komi Republic

Seven poles standing in the middle of nowhere. The height of the biggest one is 34 meters. Some romantic personalities see different animals in the forms of the poles, but that depends on the place of your view. But naturally the poles are the leftovers of the great mountains ruined by the wind.

The Elton Lake, Volgograd District

Keeping the area of 150 square kilometers, the lake has only 10 centimeters depths in summer, and 70 centimeters  — in winter. Some people call it just a “big salty pool”. The lake is known for its curative properties and bizarre landscapes created by the nature itself.

Kurshskaya Kosa, Kaliningrad district

That’s where the world-famous «dancing forest» with unusually curved trees is located on a strip of sand. There are some rare animal species that inhabit the area, and also you can see different birds flying to their wintering places. The Kurshskaya kosa looks like a big sabre that divides the Baltic sea into two parts. Previously the Vikings inhabited this territory, so today there are different archeological digs that can provide you with excursions.


The Lensk Poles, Saha Republic

Along the right bank of a big Russian river Lena you can see the famous Lensk Poles. The sight appeared as a result of long strong winds blowing at the stone cliffs. There is not a single settlement near this place and that makes it kind of mystical. This unique monument is protected by UNESCO.

The Multinsk Lakes, Altai Republic

The group of lakes form a water cascade. You can find here some plants you won’t be able to see in any other place in the world. Tourists usually go there to enjoy the incredible views that are special for each single lake.

The Valley of Geysers, Kamchatka

One of the world’s biggest geyser fields is located in Kamchatka. It’s rather hard to get there, but the trip is worth it. Due to the fact that the area is strictly protected you wouldn’t be able to have a walk along the Valley itself. But there is an even better option – to order the helicopter excursion.

The Kungursk Ice Cave, Permskiy Krai

With the length about 5,7 kilometers this cave is the biggest in Europe But for security reasons it is forbidden for tourists to go further than 1,5 km. There are more than 70 lakes inside the cave to discover.

The Ordinsk Underwater Cave, Permskiy Krai

The cave is well known all over the globe in diving community. It is one of the most interesting and dangerous spots for diving: a lot of dead ends and tunnels with the length in few kilometers, some paths are not explored well. If you’re a rookie in diving this is not your choice. But for experienced ones visiting the Ordinsk cave is strongly recommended.

Kinzelukskiy Waterfall, Krasnoyarskiy Krai

The huge waterfall strucks from mountains by the grey-steel mass of water. With the height of 330 meters the waterfall is one of the highest in Europe. An Austrian traveler wrote: “The waterfall looks like a piece of cloudy sky that pierced the mountain. Heading down its waters will be an exciting challenge for every man».

The Beluha Mountain, Altai Republic

The mountain is the highest peak of Altai. There are a lot of glaciers, so only the experienced climbers should try to conquer the mountain.

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