13 dishes you have to try in Russia

Russian food is one of the most interesting cuisines on Earth. This cuisine appeared in the homes of ordinary, poor people, so it always consists of the cheapest and affordable components.

However, we can’t name it monotonous because there is a great variety of dishes so everybody can find something tasty.

1. Aspic

The idea itself seems strange to Europeans, Asians, and residents of both Americas. To explain why the bouillon with meat specially cooled down to gelatinous state is practically impossible. «Do you add meat in the jelly? So you’re kidding! «- this is the standard reaction.

And in the fact that for this purpose it is necessary to weld pork hooves, they simply refuse to believe. Some people seriously think about the mysterious Russian soul, which loves ice and everything, which is cold.

2. Russian dumplings

Dumplings are really a nationwide dish for the Russian Federation. Basically, they were cooked more than 600 years ago somewhere in the Urals. The shape of the dumplings resembles the auricle. Anyone can cook them because the recipe is really simple. Take a mixture of beef, lamb, and chicken chipped meat and wrap it in uncooked dough wrappers. Next, you have to boil them in the little bit salty water. Russians like to add some mustard, sour cream or butter as a sauce.

Many families have a family custom to cook dumplings with their entire family.

3. Kasha

Russian cuisine is impossible without porridges. The Russians always eat cereals for breakfast, particularly during breakfast. People think that cereals are healthy and nutritious.

Semolina,  buckwheat, barleycorn porridge, oatmeal, and several dozen types … You will be offered some kind of porridge for breakfast at a hotel, cafe, student dining room or on a visit somewhere. It is served hot, generously flavoring it with some butter. As they say in Russia, porridge can’t be spoiled with butter, which means that it will not be harmful even in large volumes.

4. Borsch

Borsch, or as it is called in many countries, «Russian red soup» is a soup, which is based on beets and cabbage with juicy vegetables. The borsch’s color is burgundy and it has a spicy vegetable taste. This soup is really so popular around all post-Soviet countries. Some people cook it with pieces of meat, sometimes it is cooked just with vegetables.

5. Pancakes

Pancakes or as we call them ‘bliny’ are really one of the national dishes of Russia because they can be cooked as a main course and as a dessert. What are bliny? These are thin fried flat cakes. You don’t need to have some special ingredients to cook them. To make them, you need to make the dough by mixing some flour, a few eggs, and milk together. Pancakes are a vital trait of any holiday. The pancakes are usually completed with a variety of additives.

It can be meat, for example, or even caviar as well as some berries, honey or jam. Depending on the additives, they can be both a main course and a dessert. Russians love pancakes so much that they devoted a whole Maslenitsa holiday to them. This holiday is celebrated for one week at the end of February.

Every Russian woman tries so hard to cook pancakes thin and tasty.

Fritters is another dish of fried dough, which is cooked all over post-Soviet countries. Fritters are almost the same as usual pancakes, but they are thicker and have a pore structure.  Russians always add some sour sauce or fruity jam to fritters.

6. Okroshka

Russian gastronomic culture is unthinkable without first courses, but in the summertime, they are easily overshadowed by okroshka. It is nourishing and light, remarkably refreshing at the same time.

Okroshka is prepared at a time when our land is rich in raw vegetables. Okroshka is a cold soup, a classic dish of Russian and Ukrainian food. Its name comes from the verb «crush», i.e. finely chop. It is usually based on vegetables such as turnips, potatoes, beet, to which are added herbs, boiled eggs etc.

7. Russian roast

The first mentions of this dish refer to the times of the rule of King Alexei Mikhailovich. During that time the roast was served as the main course after the traditional soup. The meat is roasted in the oven for several hours.

By the way, Russian roast is the only dish awarded a noble title. It was his thanks to the admiration of the English King Charles II. He was so impressed with the taste of roast beef that immediately, right at the table, rewarded him with a high title.

8. Uha soup

Fish soup is a soup of fresh fish with different vegetables. Uha can be cooked from a variety of fish, usually white one. Sterlet fish is considered to be a delicacy, but it is also very tasty from small varieties of river fish.

Russians usually add traditional fish pie to the uha soup, which is called “rasstegay” instead of simple bread.

9. Rasstegay pie

Rasstegay pie is a baked pie with a hole on top of the unleavened yeast dough with various fillings. It is baked in Russian and Ukrainian cuisines.

Rastegays pies are usually served specifically for all sorts of soups: fish pie — to the uha soup; rasstegay with meat and mushrooms — to broths; with rice, onions, carrots, and eggs — to fish and meat soups.

10. Kissel

This is not jelly, and not juice, but something average. If you pour it into a cup, guests from abroad perceive it even more or less ordinarily, although they strive to dilute it with boiling water. But if you serve it in a deep plate, like soup, then they are really shocked.

11. “A herring under a fur coat”

Are you wondering what is it? It’s a salad. Everyone can find something that he doesn’t like in this unique salad. The Chinese can’t understand the abundant use of mayonnaise, the European are too suspicious of the collection of finely grated vegetables, and the Americans refuse to eat “raw” fish. And almost everyone will say that the combination of products is just wild and unbelievable.

This dish is a regular dish for the celebration table in Russia, and it is almost impossible to force a foreigner to try. On the other hand, those of them who move to Russian for a long time, sooner or later fall in love with it.

12. Kvass

Kvass is one of the oldest Russian drinks that everyone loved from peasants to kings. Kvass was first mentioned in 1056. Until the end of the 19th century, it was made as a low-alcohol beverage (nearly 2-3 degrees) on rye malt with the addition of spicy herbs, berry and fruit juices. Afterward, they began to make kvass from prepared baked bread and crackers.

Some Russians still prepare homebrew kvass. The drink is very refreshing in the heat. It’s better to drink it while it’s cool.

13. Baked ham

Baked ham is a hearty meat dish mentioned in the 16th century. However, at that time, not everyone could afford it, because it was prepared from a single piece of pork, less often — lamb or bear meat. Marinated, and then baked meat without a bone was originally called the «vuzhenina» (from the word «vudit’» — to smoke, dry).

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