How to Find Time for Learning Russian: Your Perfect Time Management Plan

What if you don’t have time to study, but really want to learn Russian? How to plan your day to find enough quality time for the lessons? I hope my article will help you.

Do you work full time, and home chores consume whatever time left? Not a single minute in your busy schedule for learning anything? You’re not alone in that!

How to trick time?

The majority of students complain about the lack of time. Not the difficulty of the language, not the teaching methods or study materials. The focal point is time for studies.

But I’ve got good news for you. It’s enough to change your daily routine just a little bit. And you will squeeze in real, effective exercises, that will help you to start speaking the language. Get results even faster than you think.

The problem is not about lack of time really, but about effective planning.

On the Go

Very often we have the idea, that the best way to learn a language is staying behind your desk and completing boring exercises one after another.

However, thanks to innovations, you can have everything you need for studying in your phone. Podcasts, YouTube videos, Courses, films, books , books , books and music — you can take all of this with you and enjoy the learning process everywhere!

Start from 10-15 minutes a day. Don’t put off things «for tomorrow». In other words — the best time to start is NOW. Make up a to do list, even if it’s not so impressive at the beginning. Pin it somewhere just before the eyes and go ahead! You may use my Checklist for learning Russian to get ideas for different daily activities.

So, your brain will be entertained, not bored with exercises from dated textbooks. And you will be surprised, how quickly you get real results. I bet, 15 minutes won’t be enough, you will find the activity so enjoyable, that you will go on doing it. 10 minutes is just a way to trick your brain into working process. 3-4 weeks later it will become a habit and will require less effort from you to stick with the plan.

When you feel comfortable with your studying plan, it’s time to scale up. Determine time and activities for practicing Russian. Make them real and simple. For instance, if you go to work by car,  turn on a podcast or audiobook in Russian. And make it an automated action. Therefore it’s important to decide what activities you will engage in particular period of time from the very beginning. 

Making a plan

Let’s work out a schedule, that anyone can use with some alterations. It’s for a perfect day, of course, you can move activities or skip them. Just don’t get frustrated, but rather stay motivated to complete more the next day.


  • 7:30 Wake up and think about how great it is to learn Russian, how many opportunities in life it gives to you. Staying in bed you can train a little and revise vocabulary with 1000+ Russian Words, for example, or in @russian_up account, or use a mobile app for learning Russian.
  • 7:40 While taking shower sing Russian songs — it’s so much fun, great practice and source of good mood for the day.
  • 7:50 You get ready for work and choose the outfit for the day, meanwhile listen to a podcast for Russian learners.
  • 8:10 At breakfast watch one episode of a Russian sitcom.
  • 8:30 If you drive to work, audiobooks in Russian are perfect for you. If you go by commute or take the metro, it might be too loud, so it’s better to read.
  • 12:30 Lunch break is a great opportunity for reading a couple pages. First you read, trying to get the overall meaning, mark the places which are not completely clear to you. Then find all the new words in the dictionary and write them out to learn them.
  • 13:30 Returning to your desk, try to remember the names of the things around you.
  • 17:30 Going home — you may listen to another podcast, or if you are too tired, choose Russian songs, and it’s better to sing along.
  • 18:30 Gym training — watch a video on RussianUP YouTube channel.
  • 20:00 After dinner it’s time to relax and watch a movie, you may choose a nice Soviet comedy.
  • 21:00 While preparing for sleep, listen to another podcast or audiobook. And if you have the habit of surfing through your social media, check out my Instagram page and Telegram channel. I bet you will learn something new.


It’s just an example of how you can fill your day with the Russian language.

Make Russian a part of your life.

Keep in mind the following:

  1. If you stick to your new routine and make Russian part of your lifestyle, think of what you will achieve. You will learn a new language. Get new job opportunities. Travel around Russia easily and make new friends. Certainly, you will get the satisfaction of reaching your goal.
  2. Think of what would happen if you don’t stick to that schedule. You will find numerous excuses, feel demotivated and give up at last.
  3. It’s important to remember about what you do, and also how you do it. Be persistent, stick to your plan, try to complete at least one or two activities, but do it on a daily basis. Make Russian a part of your life.
  4. Choose suitable time for lessons. Make sure, that you’re not tired after hard work, because you will get distracted easily, when you need to concentrate. If you’re exhausted choose watching something entertaining, in Russian of course.
  5. Try not to set very ambitious goals at first. Begin with easy tasks. When you see the progress and feel more confident, then it’s time to raise the bar. You can do it!


Have you ever asked yourself why are some people so good at learning languages? How did they manage to accomplish that in such a short period of time? You will be surprised. It’s not about their personality, or super ability. Those people know the value of each single day.

Successful students learn Russian whenever the opportunity comes, but not from time to time. If you really want something and you’re passionate about it, you simply can’t wait to do it. And it’s the quickest way to your goal of speaking Russian fluently.

I hope I managed to motivate you (more motivation here) and help with finding extra time for Russian lessons.

Good luck!

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