What does Matryoshka mean?

A sumo wrestler statuette from Japan, a Dracula cup from Romania, a statuette of Pharaoh from Egypt, a statue of Christ from Brazil, and a doll from Russia?

Do you know what is that?

Have you ever heard of a wooden doll with five, six or even eight small dolls inside? No? Then listen!

I want to tell you about a remarkable Russian doll termed as «matryoshka».

I think I can say that this is an authentic example of Russian civilization.

Famous Russian writers such as Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, bears in the woods, frosty winters, alcohol, and this doll are the symbols of the largest country in the world!

Going out of the country without its famous souvenir is simply a huge crime because it is recognized and adored all over the world.

Variegated dolls are the emblems of the Russian mind, but why? These are facile pieces of wood, brightly painted, each smaller than the other.

In spite of that, the Russian wooden figurine is also a vivid example of national talent.

I decided to prepare some interesting facts about so captivated Russian dolls.

So, what is a «matryoshka»?

The doll was newly created more than a hundred years ago in a borough near Moscow.

The constructor of the new creation was Vasily Zvezdokin.

The key idea was to form a doll in which there would be several small dolls inside. For instance, the very first model had eight little dolls inwards.

The first figurine was a «girl», inside it could be found a «boy figurine» and so on.

Almost 120 years ago, people from around the world found out about such an unusual Russian doll and how it looked like. Already in 1900, the doll was first demonstrated at the World’s Fair of Arts in the capital of France.

Afterward, Russian doll has been exhibited at various expositions everywhere.

Russian developers, who succeeded to sharpen wooden objects, mastered the aptitude of producing matryoshkas. The way of making a wooden doll is the same as it was a hundred years ago.

Creating such wooden dolls has its own secrets. To have durability, wood should lie outside for two years.

The hugest matryoshka is on the «junction of worlds» in Manchuria, China. At the intersection of the borders of Russia and Mongolia, a 30-meter sculpture is placed. The icon of fellowship is trimmed with the picture of Chinese, Mongolian and Russian girls.

Matryoshka, which can be discovered in the Tomsk Museum of Slavic mythology, is the miniature of the matryoshka doll in the world.

You can see it just using a microscope. The master not only made a figure a little over a millimeter but also drew it using all the artistic canons.

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