15 useful tips for learning Russian as a foreign language

You’ve got a necessity to learn Russian language, but it seems too difficult for you? Or just don’t know how to start? Not a problem! I will provide you with some useful tips how to do it more effectively.tips for learning Russian


Russian is not difficult

The most important thing is to forget that the language is difficult. You may think “I will never speak Russian as fluent as my mother tongue.” Learning a foreign language always seems impossible before you start. You could be born in Russia and then it would never have thought that speaking Russian is tough. You have to remember you are able to speak any language and Russian is not an exception.

Every language starts with the alphabet

Learning the letters takes less than an hour of your time. It’s not French every letter in a Russian word is pronounced, what means after learning the letters you’ll be already able to read. So don’t take it tough.

Learn grammar

No language exists without grammar. Try learning a new rule every day and repeat each 5 you’ve learned. That will not only help you to learn the grammar fast but will also help you to keep them in your mind.

Pay attention to endings

Endings of the verbs are the most difficult part in learning Russian because they depend on genus and pronoun, what we don’t have in English.  After you learn the rules it won’t be difficult for you anymore.Russian teacher

Try to watch Russian YouTube bloggers with subtitles

The more Russian you hear the better you perceive it. Learning a language in this way will not get you bored and it also can be interesting and fun. It will help you to develop listening comprehension and understanding of speech.

Listen to Russian songs

Listening to Russian music is something that will not only help you to take the language by ear but will also improve your vocabulary and what is most important will help you to understand the Russian culture. The best way is to find the text of a song you like and translate it.

Write down the new words

Every new word you meet you should write into the dictionary. And while writing repeat the word and translation 7-10 times out loud. It will help you to learn unfamiliar words quickly.

Russian dictionary

Make your dictionary your best friend

You should always keep your dictionary in your bag. When you have a couple of free minutes, like when you have to stay in a queue or sit on a bus, just read a page 10 times. I think it’s better than flashcards. Carrying the dictionary is more convenient than a pack of cards.

Name the things surrounding you

Every time you are on your own try to spend a couple of minutes thinking about the subjects surrounding you. As you are just starting to think in the individual words. For example:

кухня – the kitchen, стол — the table. Later you can think in phrases describing the things you’re doing at the moment. It will help you to start thinking in Russian. Thinking in your own language while you talking in a foreign slows you down a lot.

Engage your friends

You can suggest your friends to learn Russian with you and turn studying into a competition. Then it will be even more fun and effective.Russian with friend

Find a Russian friend

Go to social media and try to find someone for Russia or Ukraine who you can text with. Texting will make you translate the most common phrases, what is really useful. You can also write everything down to your dictionary while chatting. Later you can try talking on Skype or Facetime if you have one.

Learn Russian every day

Spend 30 minutes learning Russian each day. This is the time that everyone has. You can divide it by 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes at lunch and 10 before going to bed. You will be surprised how much you can learn in short terms if you will do it.

Label your house

Make Russian labels for everything you have at home. It will be fun. Imagine you are an old Russian who forgets everything and has put the labels everywhere to remember at least the names of his surroundings. It’s like playing a role. You also can write a letter to yourself in Russian to remind yourself who you are and who are your family members every time you forget. You can even try to involve your friends in this game when they come into your house. But explain to them what is the point so they won’t take you to the asylum.

Find a blog

Try to look up for a blog which will be interesting for you to read. Reading a book is just too much, but you have to read something, anyway. So let it be a blog. Blogs are short and useful. Read out loud. It will contribute your speaking skills. Also, try to make the accent sound Russian while reading. As more often you will read as faster you’ll be able to speak.

Think that studying is fun.

If you think that learning Russian is a martyrdom than you will never speak this language. Don’t even try before you change your attitude because every day you are going to be like “Oh, God! I have to learn some Russian today”. And then your day is over and you be like “Egh… I’ll do it tomorrow”. But we all know that tomorrow never comes.

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