What makes «The Master and Margarita» so popular?

1) «The Master and Margarita» is an insanely impressive and certainly brilliant novel by Mikhail Bulgakov.

2) There’re thousands quotes that became aphorisms:


“Never ask for anything! Never for anything, and especially from those who are stronger than you. They’ll make the offer themselves, and give everything themselves.”


3) This masterpiece is full of vivid characters, has thoughtful composition and a lot of metaphors. As a result everyone can find something close and special.

4) The main heroes of Bulgakov’s novel have prototypes. They say that Bulgakov portrayed himself and his wife Elena.


5) «The Master and Margarita» is included in the compulsory school curriculum of the 10th grade.


6) It is believed that the novel is cursed. For instance, there were several unsuccessful attempts to make the film based on the novel. One of the films appeared only 17 years after shooting process. And several people of the cast died. All this mysticism around the novel only builds on additional interest.


7) Everyone heard that comic phrase «there was no sex in the USSR«. And the novel contains quite spicy scenes. Of course, that fact attracted the attention of an average reader back in Soviet times.


8) Another interesting opinion: Bulgakov wrote this novel for Stalin. There are books written to support the government. There are books written against the government. But this book was written for the leader, as a hint to Stalin. As if the message of the book was as follows: you, Stalin, are no doubt the Evil (like Woland) — well, fine, you can keep doing what you are doing (average people do not deserve anything better), but just take care of the artists.


9) This is a novel that was ahead of its time. Before that, Russian classics more often chose to praise beautiful landscapes and nature in general. But in this novel the readers deal with talking cats and witches.

10) A large number of very famous and respected Russian and foreign critics expressed their opinion about the novel, which also added to its popularity.


11) For the Soviet Union at that time, the novel became a way to comprehend the irrational things — the consequences of the Stalin era and its repressions.


12) Above all the novel «The Master and Margarita» unfolds in three dimensions: social (political), mystical, historical (biblical). The majority of readers are captured by these aspects.

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