What to talk about with a man/woman on a date or on social networks? How to prepare for a date?

Preparing for the first date is not only the choice of a meeting place and entertainment. This is also the choice of topics for communication. After all, the fact of how comfortable two people felt in the company of each other develops the overall feeling of dating and the decision to continue further communication or not.

It’s much easier for those people who already know each other and have common topics. For example, if you work together or study or have mutual friends, you already have a lot in common.

But if you are just starting to communicate with a person who likes you, you have to find these general common topics.

Awkward moments and long pauses are common difficulties faced by many people, but they can be easily overcome.

How to prepare for a date

If both a girl and a man are both very sociable and self-confident, then difficulties should not appear, but this doesn’t always happen. And the opposite situation happens more often. If a person feels sympathy, then speech is incoherent and, in general, it can be described as “complete nonsense.”

The best impromptu is that one which is prepared in advance.

1) Determine the area of ​​interest of the interlocutor, his/her hobbies, values, priorities, outlook on life, whether he / she works or learns. What you have already known about him / her, and what else you would like to know. Develop topics and look for common interests in these areas.

2) Having thought through the main topics, write down ten questions. And don’t forget to keep 10 more in stock in case suddenly, the topics proposed by you will not be able to be developed or they will not be interesting for your interlocutor. Generating questions, make up at least 50, so that there is something to choose from. It’s better to write down the questions, so you remember them better.

3) The next step may be stupid at first glance, but I don’t advise you to skip it. It’s a repetition. Ask questions in front of a mirror, or record yourself on a tape recorder, or rehearse with pets or a friend. If the communication is not in the native language — it certainly will not be unnecessary. But in any case, this will add you self-confidence and will improve your speech.

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